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American x Japanese



The American x Japanese chestnut trees are listed as a group rather than individual trees due to the similarity of the trees.  The female parent of these trees is WV-1.  It is an American tree that is partially resistant to chestnut blight and has produced many blight resistant hybrid chestnut trees.  WV-1 grows in close proximity to 4 large Japanese chestnut trees of unknown origin.  I have not met anyone that can give me a history of these trees. All trees are of large diameter, but top out at about 30 - 35 feet in height.  The Japanese trees are very productive, producing large quantities of nuts yearly.  The nuts are very similiar on all 4 trees and are of medium size.


The hybrid trees produced from this American x Japanese cross exhibit outstanding form and vigor.  They resemble the American parent in regards to their upright growth pattern and timber form.  However, as a general rule they are not as resistant to blight as the American x Chinese hybrids, although there are exceptions.  The wood from the American x Japanese hybrids is very attractive and easy to work.


The nuts from these trees are of a small to medium size and seem to be consumed readily by the local wildlife.  

Unique bark pattern on one of the American x Japanese hybrid trees.

Looking into the canopy of American x Japanese hybrids as the leaves are beginning to change colors.

Attractive and unique appearance of American x Japanese wood.

American x Japanese chestnut tree with burrs. 

Straight grain of the American x Japanese hybrid which is typical of the American species.

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