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I love everything about trees!  There is such a wide variation, something to suit everybody's taste.  Trees can be tall or short, rapid growers or slow growers, narrow or wide, they produce such an assortment of nuts and fruits.  Some trees have been cultivated for centuries and are mentioned throughout the histories of many cultures.  I feel each tree has a story to tell and it drives me crazy when you try to purchase a tree from a catalog or website and the description is no more than a few sentences.  Where did this tree originate from?  Why was it developed with these characteristics?  Is it susceptible to disease?  So many things I want to know that are never mentioned.  I may be the only 'nut' out there that cares about such things, but there may be a few out there like me.  
I know the story behind every tree in my orchards.  Please go to the tab 'The Trees' in the menu and view the stories behind some of my favorite trees.  Enjoy!
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