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Orchard Visitors/Residents


Many animals and birds call Mountain State Chestnuts home.  Some are year round residents, while others are here only for the Summer season.  There are others still, that are merely passing through.  Enjoy the photos.  

Some of the resident animals prefer to venture out at night.  This raccoon and deer were captured with a wildlife camera mounted to a tree.

I was there to mow grass, when I saw this fawn resting under one of the chestnut trees.  I left the little guy in peace, and returned to mow the following day.

Eastern Box turtles can live to be well over 50 years of age.  They can possibly live to 100.  This turtle probably called this plot of ground home long before my trees did.

I've seen many turkey on the wildlife cam.  This female turkey hatched 10 of 11 eggs from this clutch.  She built this nest under a large bush just beside the orchard.

I believe this is the nest and eggs of the American Woodcock.  Someone forgot to tell this bird that West Virginia is not part of the preferred breeding range for this species.

I have never seen an actual Black bear in the orchards.  Sometimes the evidence is nothing more than large piles of scat, other times the damage can be more severe such as these broken limbs as the bear marks his territory.

I've seen many types of birds in the orchards.  Does anyone know what species of bird constructed this nest?

I have had no luck getting a good squirrel photo, but I know they're there.  They leave plenty of evidence such as empty shells, and young seedlings that have been 'planted' by the squirrels growing well beyond the orchard.

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